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Welcome to Sun Dog Cat Moon!

Welcome to Sun Dog Cat Moon! We are a full-service vet clinic in Charleston on Johns Island, SC, dedicated to providing the highest-quality service and pet care. We are a unique veterinary clinic in that we offer both traditional western medicine and alternative medicine for pets to help attain optimal wellness. Visit our Alternative Medicine page to learn more about our Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine services, including acupuncture for pets and other holistic vet care.

We strive to improve the quality of life of our patients by using all the resources available to us through education and loving guidance. We will help our clients provide a well-balanced and healthy life for their pets. Wellness and happiness through diet is a key component of our practice.  Nutritional counseling and guidance on home cooking with The Original Crockpet Diet(TM) is always available.

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What some of our happy pet owners have to say…



  • During a visit from our home in Columbia, SC, to Charleston last week, we brought our Jack Russell Terrier, Finnie, for a consult about some skin allergies. As an option to monitor Finnie's allergies, your "Original Crockpet Diet" was suggested to us by another veterinarian. Finnie now loves his mea
  • Having spent a good portion of my career as the publisher of a regional dog magazine in the North, I spent the majority of my days in and out of various veterinary practices and witnessed both the good and the bad. For the care of my own dogs I chose to use the holistic approach especially since one
  • It was so nice to meet everyone at Sun Dog Cat Moon, and I feel like Dr. Ruth gave Mary a much more thorough and thoughtful exam than any vet we've seen in the past, so I am happy we made the decision to come see you! ~Lauren
  • Sixteen months ago, our senior cat Sabrina was diagnosed with kidney disease. One of the therapies prescribed by Dr. Ruth Roberts was food therapy with her "Original Crockpet Diet." The Crockpet has been transformative for Sabrina's quality of life and overall health. At first we weren't sure if
  • I took my two Cairn Terriers to Dr. Ruth and what an amazing experience. They did a very thorough history and exam and she and her staff took time to hear what was going on with my pups. After starting them on her crock pot diet, what a difference I have seen in my two babies. Dr. Ruth and her staff
  • Ernie is a super sweet guy and he loves coming to Sun Dog Cat Moon to visit Caroline. He and she are best friends!
  • Good Morning, We met with Dr. Roberts and her assistant Michael yesterday morning about our Doberman, Leo. I just wanted to say thank you so much for listening to us and recommending/teaching us what we can do to make him more comfortable, lower his anxiety and improve his skin & coat. I will be
  • I love everything about Sun Dog Cat Moon. It's the closest thing to having at home vet care, except it's quite a drive for us. 🙂 The grounds, the interior and exterior, the staff, the decor - everything and everyone is/are so inviting. The invoices are very detailed and usually include notes so
  • Thank you guys sooo much for taking care of my Rocky boy before, during, and after his surgery. With his age, you know how paranoid I was. I had actually scheduled the same surgery back in February with my old vet, but ended up cancelling it because it just didn't feel right and I was too scared. I
  • I just wanted to say Thank You for the opportunity today to meet with you, Dr. Roberts, and your wonderful stellar team. I must apologize and was unprepared upon meeting you this morning. I have not experienced this kind of office and have little knowledge of Chinese Medicine. Your consultation was
  • Young entrepreneur follows passion for animals
    BY DAVE MUNDAY Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Dogs have it made when they come home with Riley Steward, a 12-y
  • I am fortunate to have found Dr. Ruth Roberts and her staff. They use laser therapy on my 14-year old dog, Max, who tore the cruciate ligament in his back right knee. The injury happened almost a year ago and I’d been using acupuncture to treat his problem. When I came to Charleston in December, I
  • Dr. Ruth, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that Crosby is doing really well and we are very happy to have found you. We have been doing the crock pot diet for over a month now and have been very pleased. Not only is it cheaper than the food I was special ordering for him, but I feel
  • Dr. Ruth, Renata,Brad,and staff, first please except my apologies for taking so long to do this. Yesterday was 3 months already that Madeline's been gone. it's funny sometimes it feels like yesterday and others it feels like so long ago. As you can imagine I miss her terribly. The first 2 months my
  • Dear Dr. Ruth: I just want to share with you, your staff and clients what a wonderful experience I had with your services. I don’t usually take the time to write these kinds of things, but feel that a simple “thank-you” is not enough. I fostered a dachshund named Biscuit, who right before taki
  • I am so thrilled with the love, excellent medical care and exceptional attention that my beloved four-legged receive at Sun Dog Cat Moon. Natural care is very, very important to me and I am relieved to know that I can count on Dr. Ruth. I will trust her advice as well if she feels that convention
  • Dr. Roberts and her staff are beyond excellence of any veterinarian that I have ever experienced. The quality of care and the results my dog has received are completely satisfying. I have an 11 year old German Sheppard (Shelby) with arthritis and hip displasia. Dr. Ruth Roberts introduced acupunctu
  • “Get the baby gate!” We scurried, but the pup waddled right over to our Great Dane and crawled on his head. He had entered our home and our lives with the aplumb for which he would be known. Once trim and sassy, he would boom out his beagle bay, and I was so proud. Dexter’s days went by and he grew
  • I cannot thank the staff of Sun Dog Cat Moon enough for what they did for my dog, Camden. When I stopped by for their Open House, I had the great pleasure of meeting everyone, and subsequently made the decision to put the care of my beloved children in their hands. One of those two children is a
  • I wanted to share with you a letter from a colleague and client about her Dog Jake: My 12 year old black Lab, Jake, has end stage/ terminal kidney failure. Being a veterinarian myself I know he doesn’t have much time left with me. I tried many treatments to make his transition comfortable, but wi
  • This is our new website. Most of the following testimonials and blog entries have been transferred from our old site. We wanted to create a space where you can share your stories and read about ours. We hope to contiune to grow our relationship with you and your family. We look forward to hearing

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